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Where History Meets Inovation County Hall Kingston

County Hall Kingston:  A place where everyone is welcome, where business will thrive, people will live and ideas will be shared. Inclusive and accessible. A landscaped setting, designed with biodiversity in mind. A blend of past and present. A dynamic, eco-friendly environment, enlivening Kingston’s town centre and energising the local economy.

County Hall Kingston is all of these – and more. The creation of this new destination will safeguard one of the town’s most precious listed buildings, conserving, preserving and protecting its heritage whilst providing the site with a new lease of life as a sustainable live/work community.

Revisions to the planning submission in response to comments received.

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County Hall Kingston will provide a much-needed boost to local businesses, and serve as a catalyst for the town’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

Eric Holding, Kingston resident

Key Points on the redevelopment principles of County Hall Kingston
Respecting Heritage County Hall Kingston Redevelopment

Repaired, restored and brought back to life as an impressive place to live or work, the Grade II* listed building will be open to the public for the first time in its history. Preservation and stewardship will be ensured in perpetuity safeguarding Kingston’s heritage for future generations.

County Hall Kingston Business Centre Media Hub Stimulating the Economy

A new business destination for Kingston, providing flexible workspaces, podcast rooms, studios, events hub and café, hosting fledgling and established enterprises and boosting the local economy.

County Hall Kingston Urban Landscaping And Public Gardens - Enhancing the Landscape

A landscaped setting to promote post-covid well-being, both physical and mental, with sensory planting, soft landscaping to promote biodiversity and seating areas. A place for all to meet, relax and spend time outdoors.

County Hall Kingston regeneration embracing sustainability In Outer London

The utmost consideration has been given to sustainability on this town centre brownfield site from energy-efficient heating systems and solar panels and the highest sustainable drainage standards to cycle storage and a car club.

County Hall Kingston Redevelopment Delivering Homes And Meeting Housing Needs

Exceptional quality housing – private, affordable and affordable-rented – will significantly contribute to Kingston’s housing needs. New apartment buildings complement the original civic architecture and apartment sizes meet or surpass London plan standards.

County Hall Kingston Supporting Local Businesses With Work Spaces

I’m so excited with the prospect of my design business being able to use the work spaces within the historic building.

Ben Brickwood, Kingston resident and business owner

County Hall Kingston Supporting Local Businesses With Work Spaces




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In response to comments received from RBKT, the GLA, Local Residents, Historic England and other consultees, RER Kingston have made revisions to its planning application.

These positive changes are detailed within this document link and summarised below:

  • Over 20% increase in flexible workspace
  • 55% reduction in commercial parking spaces
  • Removal of one storey height to block B
  • Elevational improvements to block A
  • Improvements to the positioning of balconies, privacy screens and internal layouts to blocks A1 and A2
  • Repurposing of residential apartments in 1893 building to commercial space
  • Repurposing of lower ground floor residential apartments in 1960 building to commercial space
  • Repositioning of outdoor play space area within the development
  • Improvements to layout and positioning of internal cycle stores
  • Additional planting to the southern boundary
  • Additional landscaping along western boundary to Milner Road
  • Clarification of service provisions and delivery access.
the trampery filming location court room facilities jim broadbent county hall kingston


The Duke a new film starring Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren follows the true story of a taxi driver that stole the portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery.

Both the Council Chambers and Courtroom will be preserved in their present form – retaining County Hall Kingston as a film location for TV & Cinema. This provides a local economic benefit of £3.25M per annum to the town.